How To Choose Basketball Court Tiles?

by Pam

Tiled basketball courts are most popular these days due to their increased benefits. They are reliable, customizable, and don’t need much maintenance. However, countless products in the market can spin your head.

Hence, it is best to outline the necessary characteristics which make one court tile better than the other. Defining your requirements helps estimate how much does a basketball court cost. However, you can also look for additional features if you have some budget room left.

Tile Material

Court tiles are available in different materials. The common ones are plastic, wooden, and vinyl tile flooring. However, you must pick suitable flooring according to your use case.

For instance, hard-plastic tiles work best if you plan on tiling an outdoor court. The wooden ones are more apt for indoor courts as they may not be much resistant to water. In comparison, vinyl flooring requires repolishing periodically. If the weather is harsh, the frequency of polishing may increase.

Fortunately, ZSFloor offers high-quality plastic court tiles, which are impeccably durable and less maintenance demanding.

Less Slippery

Try to opt for anti-slippery tiles so the potential playing increases while keeping the injuries less. The ideal anti-slip ratio for court tiles is between 80 to 110. ZSFloor court tiles offer a slip resistance value of 107, which makes them suitable for vigorous games like basketball.

Ball Bouncing

The next thing you want to ensure is the bouncing capacity of the tiles. Try to choose tiles with higher bounce rates as it will take less toll when playing. Moreover, tiles with good bouncing values can also elevate the gameplay, as players can play for longer without straining muscles.

Temperature Resistance

Installing tiles on outdoor courts requires more resistance against temperature. Exposure can crack or imbalance the tiles. Therefore, it is necessary to pick tiles with higher resistance. ZSFloor tiles offer good resistance against varying temperatures to ensure lower maintenance costs.

The Color

Numerous companies manufacture different colors of basketball court tiles. Although all of them have their charm, it is essential to make a consideration or two. For instance, if you are buying tiles for your home basketball court, you may want to choose a color that matches the surrounding walls. Also, if you want tiles for a public court, it is best to use darker shades as they don’t show off much dust.

Are Concrete Courts Better or Tiled Ones?

Most international matches use concrete courts. These courts go easier on your body and allow efficient gameplay. But they are not always ideal due to increased maintenance costs and prove reasonably expensive for an everyday user.

Tiled basketball courts are a great substitute. They provide competitive comfort and go easy on the pockets as well. Due to their popularity, manufacturers are putting more effort into increasing their quality.

Wrap Up

Tiled basketball courts were not very common when they first appeared in the market. However, many users are now shifting to them due to their increased advantages and endurance. Due to the numerous market alternatives, knowing what to look for in a basketball court tile is essential.

Begin with the essential requirements like the tile material, ball bouncing capacity, anti-slip material, and temperature resistance. Also, keep an eye out for the estimated resurfacing time. If you have a convenient budget, you can look for some custom colors to liven up your basketball court for the season.

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