Steps for making your pressure washer powerful

by Pam

Investing in a good pressure washer is necessary. The machine uses high-pressure water for dirt and stain removal. It’s ideal for several surfaces and excellent for many cleaning applications. Some pressure cleaners are more powerful than others, like gas washers. They operate under very high pressure compared to electric models. They work on the toughest stains and leave objects looking clean and sparkly. So, we discuss how you can make your pressure washer more potent.

Steps towards a powerful pressure cleaner machine

A powerful pressure cleaner means increased pressure hence more efficient in pressure washing. Some steps are dependent on the model, while others are general.

1. Replacing the pressure washer nozzle

Nozzles are the greatest cause of pressure forming within the machine. More pressure means more power, so the proper nozzle will definitely better the device. Output pressure is dependent on the nozzle type. The 0-degree nozzle gives the highest pressure with a small water spread, and the 65-degree pressure cleaner nozzle has the lowest pressure and a wide water spread. So, create a powerful machine by changing the nozzle to a smaller degree.

2. Changing the pressure washer regulator

The regulator, also called the unloader valve, works to regulate pressure output. The valve comes with spring open for setting to get the maximum pressure output of the washer machine. The regulator also ensures the pressure cleaner doesn’t exceed the recommended pressure level. Too much pressure can be dangerous, especially if it lacks an exit path. The regulator changing process varies from model to model. Start by switching on the engine and use a 0-degree pressure cleaner nozzle. Open the valve, lock the nuts within it and increase the machine pressure.

3. Alteration of the pressure washer engine

Other than pressure, the pressure cleaner engine plays a huge part in the performance of the device. Gas pressure cleaners are generally more potent than electrical washers. Not, both the engine and high-pressure water work to clean areas with unimaginable dirt. It’s easy to make a gas pressure cleaner even more potent than an electric version. The engine’s power is elevated when the air is proper, has a good spark, and the fuel is okay.

Check the air filter for any trapped dirt. Clean it if there’s dirt to allow free flow of air. Also, clean the spark plug if there’s evidence of dust or dirt. Change the oil if the color isn’t right. In addition, refill the tank if the volume is low. Regular maintenance is vital for a powerful pressure cleaner.

4. Switch out the pressure cleaner fuel

Replace the machine fuel or gas with a more powerful one for improved performance. Fill the tank with gas like 87 Octane gas. It burns pretty fast hence increasing the power of the motor. 87 Octane gas is cost-friendly but goes a long way in creating a powerful pressure cleaner.

Final words

Pressure Washers work well as they are. However, you can change up things to make them more potent. The procedures are pretty easy, and you can handle them individually. A powerful washer means the pressure cleaning process is fast and efficient. Perform regular checkups to ensure the engine is at its optimal level.

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